Many of us adore traditional interior design, but are worried that our (small) modern homes might not be able to handle all that ornamentation. But what you can do is introduce elements of the look, mixed with contemporary details, like this designer. The result is a beautiful hybrid of Victorian and Balinese styles in an apartment.


Resort chic — travertine wall, timber decking, stone accents — meets Victorian splendour — classical-style mouldings and furniture.

The living area has a colour scheme of warm earth tones, and soft whites. A neutral palette helps tie the different styles together.

Every Victorian theme needs a fireplace! But to be practical, a faux fireplace that houses the TV and concealed storage space behind it has been installed instead.

The look continues into the kitchen. Panelling details are evident on the walls and cabinetry, while the the L-shaped counter sports a sleek Emperador marble top.

A mother-of-pearl mosaic backsplash gives textures and a touch of glamour.

The stairway has a modern tropical feel, with materials such as timber and glass. A silver beaded decorative pendant lamp adds mood to a simple space.


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