Velvet, cotton, linen, microfibre, and the list goes on. How do you choose the right fabric upholstery for your home? We share these tips…

+ Young families with children should go for a tight-weave fabric that is easily maintained (washable), or select a fabric with a stain guard or a high pile (like chenille). Pile or textured surface hides marks or stains, and are easier to clean as well. 

+ Fabrics like linen ages well and doesn’t fade, but is expensive to maintain (it has to be dry-cleaned). Cotton can be machine-washed but wrinkles easily. It’s best used in a blend with other fabrics.

+ Choose colours for their wear and tear properties. The darker the colours, the higher the chance it will fade, especially around direct wear points (like the seams and the corners of the arms) or exposure to direct sunlight.

+ NOTE: Avoid wool-based fabrics because they don’t do well in our climate.

+ Want a contemporary look? Textured fabrics with geometric patterns would work well. Go ahead and choose plush fabrics (velvet, silk or suede) for a more elegant and sophisticated feel. Try statement-making and unconventional combinations (pop-art graphic prints on a wing-back chair or bright velvet fabric on a Victorian frame) for something bold.

+ Your space and configuration possibilities determine the type of upholstery that can be used. Large graphic prints in a small room will swallow up the space.

+ Accessorising is key. Jazz up your plain sofa by using throws and colourful cushions. It’s easier to change out the cushions when you need to update your look!.

+ Fabric soils and stains easily, and hosts dust mites. Remember to dry clean and do regular vacuuming (use the soft nozzle brush, otherwise fine dust particles can stick to the fabric and result in wear and tear). Look out for brands that offer fabrics treated with an antibacterial coating, this helps them to last longer.