Everyone needs a space to call their own. Kids are no exception. Let them explore their creativity and have fun in a colourful and cheery hideout. This 177sqf-sized bedroom, by this interior designer, shows that it is possible for young siblings to share a bedroom and also express their unique personalities at the same time.


Use custom-made storage with interesting shapes, such as this “stacked” shelving, as space dividers. This helps zone the individual sleeping areas and allow for separate cololur schemes and even themes.

Integrate wall paint or murals into the decor for a 3D effect.

Play with happy colours in contrasting hues and attractive shapes.

Give them their own workspace. Separate study corners that look inviting will make doing homework more enjoyable! Here, the shelving space is divided by coloured doors. Also, randomly placed letters on the children’s wardrobe make up their names, and the painted circle echoes the round shapes of the bookshelf.

Don’t forget a fun and functional bookshelf, which they will be proud to display their collections in. Here, numerous soft toys peer out adorably from a tunnel-shaped cubby, and books appear to march up a sloped shelf.


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