The right kitchen layout can save you time and space.

Use these tips to plan an efficient kitchen.

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1. The work triangle
Consider these three zones, how preparation, storage and cooking are going to be situated in relation to one another.


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2. Clearance guidelines 

Walkway or aisles- At least 100-120cm wide, so it can accommodate two people at once.
Countertop- Best to be around 85-90cm and depth 60cm, while wall-hung cabinets should be at least 55-60cm above countertop.
At least 60cm clearance all around to allow space for work, movement, and eating in.


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3. Smart investment

Invest in the right appliances- what you will use. One should at least a cooker hob, hood, refrigerator and freezer.


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4. Smart storage

Having important items within easy reach makes for more productive cookspace. 
First shelves for frequently used items and bottom shelves for seldom-used ones.


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5. Bright and airy
Basic light should illuminate the kitchen, and adequate ventilation is necessary. The right hood will keep the kitchen clean and comfortable.