This apartment may be small, but its designer managed to incorporate retro, industrial and contemporary elements into it. While it seems like a complicated job fusing a few styles, the result is an apartment with a fun, lighthearted feel that is also trendy and appealing.


Basic white, black and wood tones form the base of the apartment, which is furnished with colourful and statment pieces.

This custom-made bookshelf that mimics a tree isn’t just functional, it also acts as the anchor feature of the living room.

The retro-style Smeg fridge becomes part of the display console in the dining area. Its lovely mint hue also complements the attractive colours of the dining chairs.

An industrial-looking door leads into the master bedroom.

The home office houses a spacious but discreet wardrobe hidden behind sliding panels.

The master bedroom features a mix of furniture and accessories that provide pops of colour and texture.

Carefully chosen pieces such as the vanity console and Heidi stool from Pomelo illustrate the couple’s liking for form-meets-function designs.


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