Don't need to get yourself a cat or douse your home in pesticide, we've got tips on how to make your home free of cockroaches and lizards!

■ Avoid giving them a reason to stay by wiping out all possible nesting grounds, such as piles of newspapers or cardboard boxes. Cockroaches can live up to a month without food, but will last only a week without water, so be sure to keep your home dry.
■ Wipe surfaces with a mixture of water and a few drops of tea tree oil, or dip cotton balls into tea tree oil and leave them in the corners of the home to deter cockroaches.
■ If you spot a cockroach, reach for homemade pesticides that won’t harm you and your family. Mix three parts fabric softener with two parts water and use it as a pesticide spray.

■ A mixture of pepper, chilli and water, sprayed onto corners and tight spots will keep lizards out.
■ Onion and garlic, mixed with water, works just as well as the mixture above. For added measure, place cloves of garlic in trouble spots.
■ Fool lizards into thinking that larger predators live in your home by placing empty egg shells in corners, as their scent deters them. Don’t wash out the egg shells, and be sure to replace them every week.
■ Roll a mixture of coffee powder and tobacco powder into small balls in your palm to make homemade lizard poison.

TIP! Seal up all possible hiding spots for these pests–such as cracks in walls and corners – with sealants or caulk, which are available at all hardware stores.