When we think of luxurious homes, we think of sprawling mansions with expensive material finishes, fancy ceilings, ritzy chandeliers, sumptuous upholstery and draperies, and so on. But if you live in a modern, urban (read: small) apartment, don't rule out the look just yet! This interior designer shows us how it can be done, as seen in this condominium unit. After all, who doesn't love a bit of luxury?


In the living room, create a feature wall with eye-catching details and materials, like shiny mirror and plush upholstered panels. Place a high-pile or furry rug under your coffee table — it anchors the space and feels nice underfoot. Get a large upholstered sofa and make it more comfy with throw cushions in beautiful fabrics.

Choose a tastefully designed chandelier that isn't too oversized for your dining room. A dining table with an elegant stone (especially marble) top perfectly complements plain white walls, too.

Having a corner to read or relax is a great add-on. Furnish it with an inviting daybed with lots of throw cushions (go for fabrics like velvet and jacquard), a soft, high-pile area rug and a snug armchair.

As for the bedroom, the more lavish the decor the better! Layer on the bedding — think bed throws, fur and silk cushions, lush duvet sets — for a grand, hotel-like look. A nice, tall headboard is important, too, to balance out proportions.


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