Don’t just choose the best-looking washbasin and tap for your bathroom. Make sure they match in terms of how they function as well, and to do this, it’s always better to buy them together. Here is what you need to know about washbasin and tap pairings. 

For above-the-counter washbasins 

Vessel basins: These are placed on a countertop, so consider the basin’s height when taking measurements for the built-in counter. If you fancy a vessel basin that’s too tall to match even the tallest standalone taps, install wall-mounted taps instead. 

Semi-recessed basins: These free up more countertop space, crucial if youdon’t have a big bathroom. They are best matched with sleeker, narrower countertops.

What tap to get: Ensure that the water from the tap emerges towards the centre of the sink. The angle of the nozzle also matters. Taps with nozzles angled outwards means that you won’t have to reach directly under it to catch water, making the tap less of an obstruction during your daily routine. A tap which protrudes too far into the sink might also make it hard for you to manoeuvre around it.


Design: Orange Cube


For below-the-counter washbasins 

Self-rimming (Drop-in) basins 

These are set into a cut-out in the vanity top and secured. Self-rimming basins can easily be replaced without having to destroy the entire countertop. However they are prone to accumulating dirt along the edges of the rim. Countertops with under-counter washbasins are the easiest to maintain as water splashed aroudn the counter can be swept into the sink with ease.

What tap to get 

The clearance height, or comfort zone between the spout and the bottom of the washbasin, is purely based on personal preference. If you use your sink for other purposes, such as to fill vases or wash bulky items, you might want a larger clearance height to allow for more room. Do remember that the higher the water falls, the bigger the splash. You’re not limited to the height of a tap when it comes to getting the right comfort zone – you can play around with the depth of the sink, too.

Design: Desmond Ong

Design: Md.Ma


Wall-Hung Washbasins 

Ceramic wall-hung washbasins usually come in fixed widths of either 45cm or 60cm. It’s advisable to construct a cabinet under a wall-hung basin because these models seldom have enough surface area for toiletries. 

What tap to get

For HDB dwellers, note that in order to install a wall-mounted tap, a false wall of about 20cm-30cm would need to be built to accommodate it. Deck mounted three-hole taps are recommended for longer basins, as this arrangement looks better. 

Design: The Scientist