Sofas are not just about comfort. If it was, reclining sectional couches would’ve been the norm (yay for couchsurfers, nay for art directors). A sofa’s looks should play an equally big role when it comes to deciding on one that goes with your living room’s design, so here are some tips that’ll help you pick the perfect seat. 

1. This retro-futuristic lime green sofa works as a lively accent for the monochromatic common area. 
(Interior design by Box.ID Studio)

2. Keep things classy by pairing a light tan leather chesterfield with white marble floors. 
(Interior design by Free Space Intent)

3. One clever way to define a roomy balcony is by echoing the L-shape windows with an L-shaped sofa. 
(Interior design by Project File)

4. Sofas, like all furniture, should be a fine balance between aesthetics and comfort. And if your home is ruled by clean, contemporary lines, you can juxtapose it with a plush, comfy sofa.
(Interior design by 0932 Design Consultants)

5. A customised sofa like this design, which is made up of modules that can be put together to form a day bed or separated into footstools, is perfect for a room that serves more than one function.
(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

6. Statement designer pieces like the Magister sofa by Flexform can stand on its own, even without fancy home accessories – just give it plenty of space to “breathe”. 
(Interior design by K2LD Architects)

7. Sofas can be used to divide an open-plan space as well, but ensure that you choose a design that looks equally interesting from the back. 
(Interior design by Sponge)

8. Maximise the bay window area by customising a sofa over it. 
(Interior design by Terre)

9. Instead of getting a 3+1 sofa set, get individual designs that complement each other well. Case in point: A mid-century style sofa from Lorgan’s The Retro Store with an Eames lounge chair.
(Interior design by TG Alliance)