If you insist on having a dining table in your small flat, you'll want to pick a round one. Firstly, round dining tables have small footprint. Pick one with a pedestal and you'll be sure that all your chairs can be tucked into the table, thus saving floor space when the area is unused. Secondly, you can place your round dining table in a tight corner, without the fear of wasting space. Lastly, you can actually pack in more people in a round table setting than a square or rectangular one. Just pull out a few stools and you're ready for a party!

Here are some dining rooms that make good use of round tables…

(Interior design by The Scientist Pte Ltd)

(Interior design by Fuse Concept Pte Ltd)

(Interior design by EHKA Studio)

(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)

(Interior design by Zara Interior)

(Interior design by JQ Ong/ The Association)