Hate your rental flat’s gloomy look? There are plenty of ways to make the space truly your own! These tips not only work for those renting apartments, but also for homeowners who don’t want to resort to drastic renovation measures. 

Dress up your home with colourful accessories
1. Since you can’t do outrageous things to the walls, paint it white (remember to ask for permission first!) and dress up the space with colourful soft furnishings and mirrors. 

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While the cushions and rug of this home appear to take up quite a bit of space, the large mirror reflects plenty of light and gives the illusion of more space, while the tall curtains help the ceiling appear higher.

Brighten up a bare space with colourful pieces of loose furniture.

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Remember: the larger the mirror, the more light will be reflected into your home.

Distract from the wear and tear
2. The owner of this home took the focus away from the yellowing floor tiles by painting the upper half of his bathroom a rich teal. The tiles of the shower floor were also covered with a removable wooden base.

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Embrace modular storage solutions!
3. Modular storage is a great investment. Yes, some systems might come at quite a price, but they can be disassembled and put together easily. 

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(Image from: Grafunkt)

Change fixtures
4. Light bulbs, chandeliers and showerheads: these are temporary fixtures you can install and remove once you move out. So bring some glamour into your bathroom with customised fixtures! However, be sure to keep all the original parts that you replaced – you don’t want to have to pay for any missing items!

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Try replacing your regular showerhead with a larger, more luxurious looking one, or sprucing up bare bulbs with a mason jar or a paper lantern.

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Feature walls
5. Create feature walls with temporary stick-on decorations like removable wallpaper, tile stickers, washi tape, or a photo gallery.

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Colourful wallpaper

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Photo gallery

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Wall decals

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Washi-tape decorations