Design team Charles and Ray Eames is a household name not just in the design industry, but also to many homeowners and furniture collectors alike.

Their works have inspired generations and beyond; many of their works combine art, science, architecture, and style, while maintaining function and practicality.

In the following video, Eames Demetrios, grandson of Charles and Ray Eames, presents some rare films and archival footage, alongside some of the duo's iconic works and furniture pieces which are still popularly sold on the market.

We picked up some of the quotes in the talk which we found inspiring and thought it'd bring you some insights too!

"…the thing about Charles and Ray is that they were always modeling stuff. They were always trying things out. I think one of the things I am passionate about, my grandparents work, I'm passionate about my work, but on top of all that I'm passionate about a holistic vision of design, where design is a life skill, not a professional skill." (2:57)

"…the thing about their furniture is that they said the role of the designer was essentially that of a good host, anticipating the needs of the guest." (3:44)

"The design process for Charles and Ray never ended in manufacturing. It continued. They were always trying to make thing better and better… It's not enough to create one. You've got to create a system that will work better and better." (4:38)

"At the same time that Charles was doing that chair,he was doing this film. So my point is that this scope of vision, this holistic vision of design, was with them from the beginning. It wasn't like "Oh, we made some chairs and got successful. Now we're going to do some movies." It was always part of how they looked at the world. And that's what's really powerful. And I think that all of us in this room, as you move design forward, it's not about just doing one thing. It's about how you approach problems. And there is this huge, beautiful commonality between design, business and the world." (12:13)

"Design is not just for designers anymore. It's a process. It's not style. All that great thinking needs to really get about solving pretty key problems." (14:24)