Laundry is always a tiresome process, so we’ve decided to help you speed things up a bit with these tips and tricks:

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(Image: RealSimple
Place your laundry detergent into jars or drink dispensers for easy access.

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(Image: LifeHack
Fold your clothes with this DIY t-shirt folder. Not only is it free, it seriously speeds things up! Follow instructions here


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(Image: RealSimple
This is the simplest of hacks. Place TWO laundry baskets next to each other. One for whites and one for colours or one for intimates and one for regular clothes! You never need to sort again.

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(image: AliBaba)
Get a retractable laundry line. Not only does it make drying single pieces of clothing convenient, it’s easily hidden too! You can get the Royale Clothes Line from One Hangers


(Design: The Interarch Design)
Save money by using your washing machine well. First, invest in a front-loading machine, it uses less water and energy than a top-loading machine. Secondly, select cold water for everything but bedsheets, towels and underwear. Third, Put clothes through an extra spin cycle to remove more water and minimize drying time.


Fold your clothes the space saving way. Roll your underwear into little egg rolls and socks into little balls.


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(Image: DryCleaning)
Get whites whiter by adding aspirin to your machine load of laundry, and hang white items in very bright sunlight to bleach and brighten!