We never thought camping could be so luxurious – but then this isn’t just any ordinary campground, but the Heritage Adventures Luxury Tented Camp in Siem Reap in Cambodia, by the award-winning boutique retreat Heritage Suites Hotel. They’ve created accommodations which boast all the luxurious amentities you would associate with a five-star hotel, such as plush beds, flush toilets and washbasins equipped with luxury tolietries – all within tents! Excursions include an ox-cart ride to the magnificent architectural vestiges of the Pre-Angkorian UNESCO site Sabor Prei Kuk. 

Granted the tents here are constructed on wooden platforms, but the tent offers one the experience of living as close as possible to nature, and yet still enjoy all the creature comforts available. We’ would like to dream that this could be replicated in urban Singapore for a rare opportunity to get up close with nature. Sign us up for a stay if it’s possible!