If you think minimalistic and monochromatic interiors lack vibrancy, try using colours to make an impact instead. Whether it's with subtle accents or loud, clashing patterns, you can make your home go from drab to delightful with just the right shades. We show you some homes that have played their colour cards right.

1. This living room is effortlessly minimalist-chic, and the brightly coloured sculptures and cushions prevent it from looking stoic. 

(Interior design by Collective Designs)


2. Colour doesn't have to always be brought in with furniture. Just see how wonderful the zany wall mosaic patterns in this home juxtaposes with the wooden furniture!

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)


3. It only takes a couple of simple elements to lighten up a space. Such placing yellow patterned throw pillows against a black-and-white sofa.

(Florence Broadhurst cushions by J. Rapee Singapore)


4. With a striking curtain print, this children's bedroom looks cheerful and inviting despite the plentiful use of white and wood.  The alphabet mural is also a great idea to making learning fun.

(Interior design by JQ Ong)


5. Artwork is also another way to integrate colour and dimension into a space. This homeowner's vibrant art collection creates a dynamic contrast against the moody and masculine interior.

(Interior design by Homme Space)


6. Here's a tip: colours look less overwhelming when you pick one colour and style your space with variations of that hue. Accessorise with complementary colours as well for a cohesive look.

(Interior design by Recaptured)


7. This bedroom takes a muted approach with the darker tones of purple, which makes the statement rug's lighter hues really pop!

(Interior design by Project File)


8. Choose vibrant shades of cool colours like blue and green for it to really stand out.

(Interior design by Free Space Intent)


9. Be sure to pick out cooler shades if you intend on using a wide array of colours. This allows you to create a soft, inviting palette while preventing garish colour clashes.

(Interior design by Make Room)


10. To break up the monotony of blank white walls, include an in-your-face statement piece like this acid green monogrammed sofa. The intricate mosaic floor tiles also echo the sofa's motifs.

(Interior design by D'Haus)