With 250 faceted surfaces made from nine 60cm by 90cm cardboard sheets, and taking around seven hours to cut and assemble by hand, the life-size cardboard sculpture of a howling wolf by Cazapapeles is quite a sight.

Cazapapeles (Spanish for “paper hunters”) is a Mexican outfit formed by two 28-year-old designers, Guillermo Juarez and Fernando Martinez. Recently in town at the invitation of The Redundant Shop, the soft-spoken Guillermo explains their work process:

“First, we sketch the design on paper. Then, we create a 3-D model of it on the computer, and then ‘unwrap’ the model to see how to physically put it together,”

Known for its geometric animal sculptures, Cazapapeles’ designs come from a combination of both guys’ talents. “We met in college, and we were colleagues for a while,” Guillermo recalls. “Then, (Fernando) started getting into origami and pinatas, and I picked up 3-D modelling while working at an architecture company.”

As a fun side project, the duo combined forces to create mounted animal-head displays. When they realised that using fibreglass would be too costly, they challenged themselves to construct their ideas using micro-corrugated cardboard instead. Elevating the modest material into intricate sculptures got their designs some attention.

The pair were in the limelight in 2013 for creating a life-size scene inspired by The Little Red Riding Hood – which included wolves, crows, boulders and a girl in a red cape – and was made entirely out of cardboard. Currently, they’re working on a 4m-tall sculpture of a human for a design event that’s taking place in their hometown of Monterrey later this year.

Cazapapeles's designs can be found at The Redundant Shop, #01-22A Block 5 Everton Park, tel: 6707-2005.