Small areas like kitchen backsplashes, when given a refreshed design, can easily lift up the entire environment and sometimes function as a space-saving feature even! Explore its multiple uses and gather inspiration for your own home with these 6 brilliant ideas. 


Increase the functionality of your backsplash by turning it into a pegboard for your cookware. Knowing where all your tools are will make cooking a breeze!
(Interior design by WY-TO)


In this sleek setup, a mirror that covers the recess above the countertop generates the illusion of a kitchen island.
(Interior design by Wynk;collaborative)


Just like a window looking out towards the romantic landscape of San Francisco at sundown, this scenic glass backsplash injects some scenic serenity into the narrow space that's often forgotten when it comes to decorating.
(Interior design by DistinctIdentity)


An understated off-white oyster-shell mosaic helps this elegant kitchen exude a sense of quiet luxury.
(Interior design by Life Interior Design Pte Ltd)


A panel of black-and-white stripes lends a bold retro look to the kitchen.
(Interior design by Space Sense)


Tile your backsplash with sunny Peranakan prints for a splash of colour and vibrancy in a neutral-toned kitchen.
(Interior design by The Cottage Crafts)