If you’re hunting for rustic decor items to pair with your abode, look towards Make Room’s new YouYou collection. It consists of neutral-toned home accessories, and are the result of a one-year project with foreign artisans. 

Collaborating with makers from Cambodia, Indonesia and Bangladesh, YouYou's new offerings feature items made of natural materials that would make your home feel warm and cosy. We're talking about cotton throws and cushions, jute baskets, and the mats made of seagrass. 


Quiet yet stylish, the products feature subtle motifs, muted tones and organic designs. The grey, creamy, and earthy hues of this line also enable it to be easily paired with any of your existing furniture. 


All YouYou products are available at Make Room, #10-01 Tan Boon Liat Building, Tel: 9113-1274.