We speak with CEO of Paola Lenti, an Italian Furnishing Company, and sister of Creative Director Paola Lenti, to find out more about the work they do.

Tell us about how you work.
Fabric comes first for us at Paola Lenti – we give the material to the designer to create something out of it, and not the other way around, which is to realise a drawing. The green aspect is also very important. We avoid materials that are dangerous to people and nature, and try to use recyclable materials.

Apart from fabric, colour is also key to Paola Lenti’s collections. How did this come about? 
My sister, Paola, studied as a graphic designer and so she’s always worked with, and had a passion for colour. There is no one “red” for her, it can be red orange, red blue, or red purple! We want everyone to be able to find something they like, and having a wide range of colours is the only way to do that.

What are some odd colour combinations that work? 
It’s typical to choose neutrals and pair them with vibrant hues in small doses but, sometimes, we put green and fuschia together, which works really well. The right orange with the right turquoise is very beautiful, too!

What are your predictions for 2016 trends?
Rather than look at trends, we decide on what we like at a specific moment. We are thinking light and soft pastels for the indoors, and terracotta with dark green for the outdoors in 2016.