Never leave appliances plugged in where they might fall into water. Be extremely careful when using appliances connected to power points near sinks or baths. 

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If this happens: Do not reach in to pull the appliance out, even if it is switched off.

Turn off the power source at the mains first, then unplug the appliance.

An appliance that is wet must not be used until it has been checked by a qualified electrician.

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(Image: Miele)

For areas where water and electricity may come into contact – such as the kitchen or bathroom – a residual-current circuit breaker (RCCB) within the socket will help to prevent accidental electrocution.

When an RCCB senses a leak in the electrical circuit, it assumes that a ground fault has occurred and immediately cuts off the power to prevent serious injury from electric shock.

Remember: Never run wires and cords under rugs or carpets, or rest any furniture on them. Friction from these items may damage and/or overheat the cords, which could cause a fire.