Interested in owning a property overseas? Do your homework before you pick a place. Here are some tips on investing in properties in another country.

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Do research on the developer
One thing you can do is to check the developer’s records and reputation. Try to visit their completed projects to see if you’re happy with the outcome of their work, or chat with previous buyers about their experience with the developer.
Savvy investors often buy multiple units of a condo project by a trusted developer or support their projects.

Find out about the location
If you’re targeting expat tenants with deeper pockets, head for expat enclaves with an established support network such as international schools, restaurants and shops that cater to their needs. If you’re buying a vacation or retirement home, amenities such as a nearby supermarket will prove handy.

Go for strong branding
With so many properties on the market, investing in one with strong, unique brand will certainly give your place greater visibility. This will give you an edge when you’re trying to sell or rent it out.