This home's living and dining rooms prove that we don't always have to choose between a design that's stylish or one that's practical — it can also be both! Take a look at how the designers at Space Factor maximised this space fully.

There's nothing wrong with opting for safe neutrals. But add a variety of colours and shades. Mix light brown with cream, and throw in some greys for a cosier touch. This prevents a home from looking too flat!

If space is limited and storage is a priority on your renovation wishlist, keep the floor-to-ceiling cabinets narrow. This way, it doesn't look too chunky or eat up too much floor space. Think vertical whenever you can!

A simple feature wall made up of cupboards and drawers is a foolproof way of concealing unsightly wires and powerpoints. It also frees up the need for more storage compartments in the living room, allowing you to indulge in a large, plush sofa set for added relaxation!

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