Instead of sticking to one particular look, this condominium unit rises from the masses by taking a refreshing spin on trendy decor styles. One takeaway tip we can all learn from this project is that less is always more! 

The designers at Space Matters mixed and matched Scandinavian, industrial, and retro aesthetics to form this open concept living area.

The raw white bricks blend in beautifully with the whitewashed walls and floors, and also adds texture to the scene (keeping it from looking too clinical).

By replacing the top half of the study room's walls with glass panels, the space now enjoys much more natural light.

The black blinds used in the master bedroom echoes the study room's black metal-framed glass panel. The monochromatic palette of this room also creates an urban loft vibe.

Despite that it's a matchbox-sized room, the interior designers managed to maximise each square inch of the floor by incorporating a storage platform!

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