You wouldn’t have guessed that this 21,000sqf-sized bugalow is located right in town! It looks like a sprawling resort at an exotic, tropical destination miles away from the city. This interior designer worked closely with the architect to fulfill the homeowner’s wish of having verdant views and the sound of gushing water throughout the various spaces around and within the home. The result is a peaceful oasis that will make you feel like you’re on holiday — resort living right in the busy city can’t get better than this.


The home has a concept that involves “layers” of pools and cascading waterfalls.

This view from the bottom of the garden reveals the staggered levels of landscaping leading up to the house.

A colourful waterfall (yes, a waterfall!) brightens up the view from the back driveway.

Designed to resemble an upscale resort lobby, the entrance foyer is grand and imposing, yet comfortable enough for the owners and guests to chill out.

Darker and more intimate, the living room with its plush rattan sofas is where the family relaxes and watches TV.

Lined with Bottero-inspired sandstone sculptures from Bali, the sundeck leads enticingly to an idyllic gazebo that’s hidden from the main road by tall palms.

The master bedroom’s sundeck allows a great view of this secret, lagoon-like enclave.

Timed misters hidden beyond the pool regularly release gusts of mists throughout the day for an enchanting effect.

As if echoing the mists, gossamer curtains around the bed lend an air of romantic delicacy.

The home even has its own gym, with a splendid view!

The owner’s children love playing along this pathway, as the thick foliage seems to promise adventure beyond.


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