Tired of the done-to-death interpretations of the industrial scheme? This abode kicks it up a notch.

A couple resides in this industrial-chic 1,058sqf four-room corner apartment at Tanjong Pagar. Designed by Riston Foo of Whiz Concepts, the overhaul cost $128,000 (excluding furniture and appliances). After hacking some walls and sacrificing a bedroom, the common area appears to have doubled and is no longer affected by sparse sunlight.

A cement screed base, coupled with factory-inspired elements such as steel panels and raw wood planks give this space a utilitarian appeal. Adapting the gritty theme to create a warmer living environment, orange cable trays decorate the ceiling with pendant exposed bulbs hanging from them. 


A diversity of finishes (cement screed, galvanised metal and composite wood) gives this industrial-style home more personality, preventing it from appearing one-dimensional. 


With an open-plan kitchen, dining and living area, the entire space is well-lit thanks to the large row of windows. The space also sports bold, grid ceiling panels, which contrasts with the thin, flexible exposed wires – a key feature that’s echoed throughout the residence. 


Extending seamlessly from the bookshelves to the ceiling, the orange cable trays imbue the rugged interior with a dash of colour, while hiding unkempt electrical wires at the same time. 


Ergonomically built to suit the homeowner’s height, the kitchen island-cum-dinner table follows the raw design scheme with technical wood and prominent steel beams. Casters increase its flexibility and mobility as well. 


The bespoke bed sits on composite wood panels and a steel base, which form the bedside tables as well. This design element may seem like a cantilevered platform, but it’s in fact supported by rollers. 


Resembling the curves of exposed lighting cables, this custom-made faucet combines a factory-like aesthetic with a quirky, contemporary twist.


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