Promote your home in a new and interactive way and have more eyes on it, potentially bringing more serious buyers to view your home!

Photos are now second fiddle to virtual videos. Virtual video tours, like those found here, tell buyers and renters so much more about a home.

(Image: SRX)

First, V360 video allows them to take a virtual tour of their home. It gives them a better feel for it than regular photos do because they can navigate from one room to another. A buyer who calls for an appointment after taking a virtual tour is most likely a serious buyer.

Second, a V360 video means you and your agent are serious about selling your home. You have opened up your home to the V360 video crew. This tells buyers and renters that you mean business.

Third, a V360 video tells consumers that your agent has invested in marketing your home.  Everyone knows one has to spend money to make money.  Therefore, if your agent is unwilling to spend the time and money to put a video together, find an agent who will. Don’t waste your time with an agent who is not doing everything possible to put your home in the best light.

In fact, our research shows that V360 videos generate five times more click-throughs (views) than traditional photo listings. More views means more serious buyers and improves your chances of getting the right price!

(First published in SRX)

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