Living Room by Museum

Itching to decorating, but don’t want to shell out too much for the renovation? We’ve got seven low-cost decorating ideas that will give your home that lift it needs:

#1 Favour loose pieces of furniture. If you like to mix and match, and move things around every now and then, built-in furniture will not work for you. When redecorating, think about how furniture from other parts of the home can be used elsewhere! 

#2 Put up something on your wall. You may have some cool pieces rolled up in storage, don’t let them go to waste! Consider putting up your kid’s masterpieces also!

Space Matters Kitchen

#3 Blackboard art. Stick on a sheet of blackboard vinyl sticker, or slap on blackboard paint on one wall panel, and you’ve got yourself a canvas for any kind of chalk art you wish! Since you can decide what to put on, you can change it every so often!

#4 Lay out a rug. A rug adds texture, colour, warmth, and it accentuates an area. 

#5 Add open shelving. Slim and lightweight, open shelving can be added on and taken down whenever you like. Mount them to the wall and fill them up with collectibles, books and ornaments.

Lego Shelving

#6 Recycle. Try your hand at DIY! If you have a whole bag of old Lego pieces, consider working on a project like this one (above). Stick on the pieces to a shelve or a bookcase to add colour and some fun!

#7 Alternatives to wallpaper. Tired of your wall colour? Instead of spending on wallpaper, tack on fabric or lace to your wall or partition!