Shoes are some of the most difficult items to store in a home. It seems like we’re always squeezing them into a tiny cupboard, stacking shoeboxes to the ceiling, or worse, leaving them outside the house (exposed to the elements!). So is there a perfect way to store our shoes such that they won’t get crushed, mouldy or discoloured? The answer is no – only because each home has their space constraints.  However, these six tips will give you an idea of what options you have for shoe organisation and storage:

1) Hang your shoes on bars! This is definitely a more efficient way of storing them than leaving them flat on their soles. The louvered cabinet doors provide proper ventilation, too.

2) Place your shoes on shelves that tilt at an angle. This will give you the convenience of having all your shoes in clear view!


3) If you have a deep enough shoe cabinet, the door can be an additional panel of storage! 


4) Display your prized heels or sneakers like how they do it in shoe stores — complete with spotlight for effect!


5) This home owner decided to build some shelving in the household shelter. If you’re keen on doing this, stick to HDB’s guidelines though.


6) This larder-style pull-out cabinet makes your shoes “disappear” into the wall! Away from sunlight, your shoes will be well-protected!