Standard of Living Store

Itty Bitty rocking stool by Melvin Ong; bookshelf; Kriz easy chair.

Stocked full of mid-century and Scandi-style furniture, customisable sofas, and retro-inspired items, step back into the past as you browse through Standard of Living’s extensive collection. Mostly upholstered in deep, autumnal shades with subtle textures, the pieces available will certainly add a nostalgic charm to your living space.

Co-owner of Standard of Living, June Huang, shares that they stock mainly two-and-a-half seater sofas as they are the most apartment-friendly. Perfect for space-starved Singapore!

Also, showcased in the store are products by local designers (like the rocking stool by Melvin Ong) or by the co-owners themselves (check out their self-designed solid wood dining table)! Standard of Living restocks every couple of months, so there’s always a good reason to pop in every now and then.

Standard of Living Store

Midcentury modern pieces such as the Paul easy chair are aplenty here.


Standard of Living Store

Classic sideboard and INF bar stool.


Standard of Living is at 34 Kandahar Street, tel: 6298-2349.