As a result of everyday use, sinks and drains get clogged up with built-up grease, hair, soap scum and food particles. We give you tips on how to clean and unclog your pipes:






1. Run hot water into the drain for about 10 minutes
This will help to loosen anything that’s clogging it. Equipping your sinks and shower drains with a strainer or hair trap stops hair and food bits from washing down into the plumbing.

2. Add natural cleaners
Another way to unclog is to add natural cleaners such as baking soda and vinegar. Pour a cup of baking soda into the drain, followed by three cups of boiling water and a cup of vinegar. They will react with each other and create a bubbling and fizzing effect that can dislodge clogs.

3. Use a plunger 
The pump and suction action will open the pipe and free the clog.

4. Use a drain auger or snake
Explore the pipe with a drain auger or snake until you find the clog and use it to break the clog.

5. Use chemical cleaners
This should only be used as a last resort as their strong formulas are toxic and can also damage your pipes (especially plastic ones). As an extra precaution, wear gloves to prevent skin contact, and avoid inhaling the fumes.

6. Get help 
When home remedies fail to unclog your drain, call a plumber! Do not dismantle the pipes on your own – a plumber will do a better job at diagnosing the problem.

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