More often than not, us Singaporeans all need a glass of ice cold drink to cool us down in this mucky weather. To keep things even cooler, use these adorable ice cube moulds to make that drink a little less boring! And they’re great for house parties too.


1. This adorable wand ice cube tray may be for the little girls, but I bet it’ll bring out that inner princess in you!

Princess wand ice cube tray, $12.43, from Amazon


2. Keep the Titanic afloat with these ice cubes. They’re ship-shape!

Titanic ice cube tray, $11.81, from Perpetual Kid


3. You don’t have to be a zombie to enjoy a cup of brains with these icky ice cubes. It brings a new meaning to brain freeze!

Brain ice cube trays, $8.70, from This Is Why I’m Broke


4. Get your groove on with these guitar-shaped ice cubes. The clinking of ice against the glass will be music to your ears.

Guitar ice-cube trays, $9.95. from Amazon


5. Plan ahead for halloween and invest in a couple of these vampire teeth ice cube trays. We think the coffin-shaped tray is a nice touch too! Dracula would be proud.

Cold-blooded ice cube trays, $10, from Amazon


6. If you like it shaken, not stirred, get these Bond-esque gun ice cubes. While they may not give you license to kill, we bet you’ll feel extra suave when sipping on your drink.

“Freeze!” gun ice cube tray, $11.82, from Fred & Friends


7. Keep the polar bear away from climate change with these iceberg shaped ice cubes. It’s an poignant reminder of how climate change affects the animal kingdom, and the importance of being environmentally conscious.

Polar ice tray, $12.90, from HipVan


8. The simple shapes in these silicone ice cube trays make them versatile and perfect for everyday use.

Plastis ice cube trays, $0.99 each, from Ikea


9. We can already hear the Jaws theme song playing with these swirling around in our glasses. Who says you have to wait for shark week?

Shark fin ice cube trays, $16.02. from Play


10. Throwback to the Ice Age and get fossil-iced with these dinosaur fossil ice cubes. 

Fossiliced ice cube trays, $15.80, from Present Indicative


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