Have you run out of space in your closet?

These storage units help you organise your clothes, handbags and accessories so you have more space, for more items!


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(Image: Ikea
Pluring hanging storage
This storage unit allows you to put small items like accessories in the pockets. Hang this on the walls of your wardrobe!
Cost: $5.90. Get it here.


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(Image: The Container Store)
Handbag storage bin
Handbags and purses can be stored in this handbag storage bin!
Cost: $28.70. Get it here.


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(Image: Ikea)
Klomplement multi-use hanger
Hang belts, scarves and other accessories on this multi-use hanger.
Cost: $9.90. Get it here.


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(Image: The Container Store)
Shoe storage unit
This transparent shoe storage unit is compact and helps you keep track of the shoes you own.
Cost: $14.30. Get it here.