We're always on the look out for bedroom storage solutions. From platform beds to maximising the use of bay windows and these "secret" spots to hide clutter, we've found another way to add more storage to our bedrooms: shelving above the bed! We share these decor ideas from real homes…

Don't underestimate the humble wall-mounted shelf. Sleek and simple, it can hold your favourite books, art pieces and display your family heirlooms in such a sophisticated and uncomplicated way. 
shelving above the bed
(Interior design by Zara Interior)

A custom-built shelf for books and knick-knacks makes for an interesting headboard. Perfect if you don't want a clunky bookcase in your room.
teenager bedroom
(Interior design by Aiden T)

A mix of open and concealed shelving gives you the freedom of displaying and hiding what you wish.
shelving above bed
(Interior design by Lekker Design)

A carved-out ledge in a false wall makes for an interesting design feature in the bedroom. Play around with its depth depending on what you'd like to display.

(Interior design by W2DA)

(Interior design by Egg3)