The blending of two decor styles, if done well, can produce very unique results. As the decor of the home reflects the style of its occupants, it’s quite the norm to have your home reflect a fusion of cultural influences. They may not be equally represented in a space, but it’s possible to see two cultures work together to make a space lovely — fusion chic!

Due to the choice of colours and the art that hangs on the walls, this bedroom is a blend of Indian and Balinese influences!


For this living room, the screen is the piece that brings in a bohemian charm to the space. 


A canary yellow oriental dining set? Coupled with bright blue walls and modern lighting? Yup, this dining space makes it to the fusion list for sure.


Accessories and details play a big part in a fusio-style decor. This roof garden was furnished with a bamboo frame daybed from the Philippines, a window frame from Indonesia, and an ornate lamp that is Moroccan-inspired.