In this our sunny and humid Singapore, keeping the home well-ventilated is top on our list of priorities. While many of us turn to air-conditioning, using a fan is really the greenest and most cost-effective way of getting cool air into the home (read about it here). Hence, it's no surprise that there are many stylish fan options in the market, and many homeowner have chosen ceiling fans as a part of the decor of their home. Inspiration below:

The wooden blades of the fan add to the unique design features of this living and dining room. 

(Interior design by Museum)

This curvy fan softens the hard lines featured in the furniture and shelving of this flat.

(Interior design by The Design Practice)

This compact fan by Matthews Fan Company ensures this kitchen is well-ventilated without taking up much ceiling space.

(Interior design by Spacedge Designs)

A modern, all-black fan doesn't draw attention to itself in this cafe-style dining room.

(Interior design by Project File)

We love how the homeowners chose a ceiling fan that has an ethnic aesthetic to complement the traditional furnishings.

(Interior design by 2Form Interior Design)

This sleek single-blade fan doesn't mar the minimalist look of this living room. It makes a great conversational piece too!

(Interior design by Homme Space)

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