Using disposable partyware for your festive gatherings is convenient and easy – no mess to clean up and no stacks of plates to wash. But spare a thought for the environment and choose eco-friendly tableware and cutlery instead. They use up less new resources, break down more easily and harmlessly as compared to conventional plastic, and don’t leach chemicals into your food when exposed to high heat. Being more commonplace now, they’re also not as expensive as you thought!

You will find eco-friendly cutlery, plates, cups and bowls from Cornware and Biogreen right there on your supermarket shelves (Biogreen is available at Medi-ya, Mustafa and larger Cold Storage outlets). Made mainly from corn and yam; when in contact with humidity and temperature after being thrown away, they will naturally biodegrade after 90 days.

L’earth makes their partyware from bio-composite plastics which combine agricultural waste products such as rice husk, wheat bran or coconut husk with recycled plastics. Get them from Greenbox at Star Vista and Century Square, or order online.

At Eco U (above), buy cutlery made from birch certified by the Forestry Stewardship Council as being sustainably harvested. The website also retails plates made from bagasse (a sugar-refining by product) and pretty waterproof paper straws that are biodegradable too.

For a more formal do, invest more by choosing Wasara (pictured above). Made completely from bamboo, reed pulp and bagasse, we love the minimalist beauty of these pieces. Available at A Thousand Tales at 17 Mohamed Sultan and Table Manners at The Oasis, Changi City Point.