Save on a feature wall design and opt for a good shade of paint instead to make a statement.


Both calming and bold, this shade of blue is great for a conducive study area, as well as a striking accent for a modern home.
(Interior design by wynk;collaborative)



Grey is both soothing and sophisticated, making it a suitable colour to contrast with the woody finishes of a bedroom.
(Interior design by W2DA)



A generous dose of yellow keeps the interiors cheerful yet chic, and creates a sense of warmth and character for this expansive area. 
(Interior design by D'perception Ritz Pte Ltd)


Almost synonymous with nurseries and “princesses”, baby pink is a shade that can also elevate a Nordic style when paired with Scandinavian-inspired designs and touches of earthy tones.
(Interior design by Make Room)


Get energised the moment you wake with the help of a refreshing dash of lime in your bedroom.
(Interior design by KZ Designs)


This muted shade of blue adds a subtle accent to this home, and complements the wooden retro and Scandinavian furniture.
(Interior design by Grafunkt)


When used sparingly, black juxtaposes stylishly with light wood tones and raw concrete finishes.
(Interior design by Sponge)


A pale mint accent wall lends this home’s retro aesthetics a fun 50s vibe. 
(Interior design by Artistroom)


Instead of having a white wall to display art, try a mysterious shade like dark green to make create a more boutique feel that allows the works stand out even more. 
(Interior design by Kemistry of Style)


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