Although the foundation of this HDB apartment is made up with bare white walls and ceiling and black homogenous floor tiles, this home is far from plain. Thanks to the homeowners' tasteful furniture choices and Space Sense founder Kelvin Teo's expert advise, this flat was turned into a chic, contemporary abode.

Strong colours dominate the open concept dining area without being intrusive. Kelvin, who also designs furniture, created the Paperfold chair and Kraze barstool, both of which are given ample space in this clean-cut area to project its striking beauty.

The VV coffee table and Zip up sofa are also Kelvin's designs, and these contemporary pieces are juxtaposed with the elegant vintage aesthetics of the Fortuny floor lamp. The clear class doors that divide the home office with the living room also adds to the modern feel of this common area.

This snazzy open back shelf not only adds oomph to the displayed items, but also serves as a visually light divider. It zones the dining area away from the foyer, and provides the entire common area a little more privacy.

Practicality rules in the home office, where the Herman Miller office chair offers unparalleled comfort for the homeowner to work on. The customised green mobile bookshelf also lightens up this sleek, monochromatic space, adding a dash of playfulness.

The design-concsious homeowners picked interesting designs such as a contemporary pedestal sink and pebble wash-inspired tiles to jazz up their dark and sensous bathroom.

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