Walk-in Wardrobe by Collective Design

If your concept of wardrobe organisation is to hang the clothes you wear to work (because they shouldn't get crumpled) and fold the clothes you wear to sleep, you'll want to rethink this. Wardrobe organisation is so much more than deciding which clothes need to be hung or not. Each piece of clothing and accessory needs to sit in its own place so that it's easy for you to access it, and you can be sure it'll be in good condition when you want to use it.

We consulted Georgina Wong, CEO of Asian Professional Organisers, who offer her expert tips on sorting out the closet:

FORMAL CLOTHING  Hang your formal clothes by type, with blouses, skirts, dresses, pants and jackets on cascading hangers. Cascading hangers allow you to use the full height of the wardrobe rather than use the space below to stash other items. Also, arrange your clothes by colour within each category so you’ll keep combinations flexible.

CASUALS & UNDERGARMENTS  Undergarments, T-shirts, sportswear and socks should be neatly folded using drawer dividers or internal boxes to group like-items together.

BELTS & SCARVES  Belts and scarves are best hung on suspended racks inside the wardrobe next to your clothes for easy matching and maximum ventilation. With Singapore’s humidity, rolled-up belts have a tendency to get sticky or crack more easily.

Wardrobe by DistinctIdentity

HANDBAGS  Similarly, handbags should be stuffed with tissue paper and stored upright, either on the top or bottom shelf with the handles straightened out and zips or clasps done up.

JEWELLERY  To keep your jewellery tangle-free, use self-adhesive hooks on the inside of your wardrobe door to hang necklaces, with earrings hooked onto a mesh bag. The maxim is to use the maximum vertical space, so everything is visible.


Asian Professional Organisers is at 301 Boon Keng Road, tel: 6449-5396.