Purple isn’t your typical “safe” colour when it comes to decorating. However, as it’s birth from a combination of red and blue, it’s one of the most dynamic colours on the colour chart. Here are five ways to use purple when decorating your home:

1) Long associated with royalty and opulence, a deep shade of purple never fails to make a space look regal and posh.

Grand Gala wallpaper from Goodrich Global


2) Tone down a bright palette of brunt orange and scarlet by pairing them with a deep shade of purple. 

Onkel Sofa from Lifestorey


3) Create a serene aura by paring dark purple with lighter colours like cream and taupe. Also, combining both dark and light shades of purple together can create a soothing and romantic ambience.

(Interior design by Space Vision Design)


4) Complementary colours such as purple and yellow can be an energy-boosting combination, adding a youthful and whimsical edge to an environment.

Spun Chairs by Magis from Xtra Park Mall


5) Purple, when paired with metallic silver or warm wood tones exudes a sense of grown-up elegance.

(Interior design by Vegas Interior Design)

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