It’s one thing to use wallpaper, but it’s another to have them be over the top. While this very idea alone runs the risk of sounding frighteningly garish, you shouldn’t just rule it out! Just let these seven stylish rooms restore your faith in wallpaper… 


Cole & Son’s Fornasetti wallpaper is the perfect match for this monochrome study room. It also gives the illusion of being surrounded by actual book shelves!
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


Go for a classic floral print for the accent wall without overpowering the room. Pair it with jade green tiles, a chandelier, and floral arrangements to set up a palace-like feel for the bathroom. 
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


This Zephirine wallpaper takes on bolder floral motifs with richer hues and larger patterns. While the rest of the walls light and the rest of the furniture rustic to pull the space together.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


This De Gournay wallpaper, which introduces a touch of the tropical jungle into the game room, juxtaposes wonderfully with the cerulean pool table.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


You don’t have to be a fan of graphic novels to let this energetic print cheer you up! Rasch’s Metropolis comic book wallpaper will give any jaded space a quick pick-me-up too.
(Interior design by Design Intervention)


Ornate motifs, when simplified to golden stripes, adds a regal touch to an otherwise common room.
(Interior design by Collective Designs)


Big, bold, and monochromatic, this chic wallpaper visually fills up the room without actually taking any space.
(Interior design by Arete Culture)

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