Furnishings that are always just functional can be a bit, well boring. Stir things up with these designs that please as well as trick the eye! 


The legs of the Burlesque Console by Koket are almost acrobatic, with its golden loops. On top is an equally luxurious metallic embossed python lamb skin. 


The work that went into creating this photo-realistic rug using hand-tufted techniques is mind boggling! Designed by Michael Schleypen for London-based rug company Front, the Tunnel rug has super fine colour graduations (120 colours) to create superb realism.


If you’ve ever dreamed about floating away on balloons, this bench is for you. The Balloon bench by Japanese designer Satoshi Itasaka owes its illusion of a floating bench held high by balloons to four anchors to the ceiling hidden by the balloons themselves! The bench holds a weight of 120kg. 


What looks like a plain pendant lamp actually projects a coloured galaxy! The Milkyway by Dennis Parren seems to revolve when still, throwing up hundreds of tiny lighted dots onto your walls and ceiling. The designer based the design on his obsession with all things planetary. 


What looks like a photo is actually a rug, and these are no abstract images either. Designer Jan Kath’s Spacecrafted rugs for Front are based on actual images taken by the Hubble telescope capturing gas clouds and asteriods nebulae in space. It has taken the designer 15 years working with a group of specialised weavers to realise his vision.


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