Inspired by the quaint cottages that pepper the countrysides of Europe, many would think that it's a decor style that's more suitable for larger homes. But this HDB flat designed by Space Factor proves that not only can the style be adapted to smaller spaces, it can also have a contemporary twist to it!

The centrepiece of this living room is a contemporary yet classic TV console that features both clean lines and classic country-style wainscotting. The storage around the television was also kept shallow in order to prevent the design from appearing too chunky. 

To keep the home's overall appearance modern, a crisp white dining set was chosen to anchor the dining room, and the country cottage vibe is brought in more subtley with quaint home accessories.

Just like the living room, the cream-coloured kitchen is a modern and practical design that's fronted with decorative wainscot panels. Floral door knobs reminiscent of quaint cottages were added to tie the entire look together. 

In order to prevent the floral-themed bedroom from appearing too garish, the homeowners stuck to calming neutral shades, with some pink and red as accent colours.

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