You can say the Force is strong in this home, for the owner was inspired by the Star Wars movies he loves! The fan hired Aiden Twilhaar of Aiden T to transform his five-room HDB flat into a space pod with a futuristic vibe. There was also the challenge of making space to house a Star Wars figurine collection that has grown to astronomical proportions since the owner started his collection in the mid-eighties. 

The circular ceiling channels the Death Star space station in Star Wars, accentuating the “Space pod” feel of the living area. 


Futuristic-looking metallic lamps from Lorgan’s are highlights in the predominantly white and grey space. 


Placed in the foyer area, R2-D2 welcomes guests to the home. A tall cabinet shields the living area to heighten the anticipation before entering the living area.


Customised layered shelving allows the owner to display his huge collection of Star Wars figurines. 


Kitchen cabinets clad in metallic-looking laminates continue the modernistic theme of the home. A metal sheet underneath the laminate turns the surface into a magnetic board.