While this HDB flat that's designed by Space Sense is based on the industrial theme, it's also packed with the homeowners' personalised details, which prevent it from looking like just another trendy home.

The living room is chockfull of character, thanks to the jumble of textures, colours, and design styles that are thrown together effortlessly.

1. Plain white walls could always do with some fun decals!

2. The homeowners got a quote sprayed onto their barn doors to add an extra edge to the barn-inspired design feature.

3. When you're bold enough, you can get away with almost anything! Just see how exposed bricks, coloured tiles, concrete-like laminates, and a steel shelf come together in this kitchen!

4. Instead of displaying wine crates simply for decoration, the couple used them to prop up a low bench — an idea that's practical and trendy at the same time!

5. This optimistic reminder serves as a subtle yet still impactful feature for the bedroom.

6. A light touch of the brick veneer treatment can save a white column from looking dull!

7. Like singing in the shower? Install these dressing room lights in your bathroom to feel like a real star!

8. Make the most of a walk-in wardrobe and put your best accessories on display!

9. Even an exposed pipe can be used as a sign post to display a collection of significant places!