Known for its rough textures and cold, metallic surfaces, the well-loved industrial style may appear more like a factory than a home when not executed well. The designers at Space Sense got the look right with this home though, with lots of warm woods to bring a sense of cosiness to the space.

The honey-toned veneer flooring lends this entire space a warm, homely vibe — something that many industrial-themed spaces lack.

This home manages to look very well put together by sticking strictly to a monochromatic colour scheme.

The customised wall shelf cum TV console is a fun mix of open and closed shelves, allowing the homeowners to display a few figurines and accessories while keeping the rest of their belongings concealed.

The black-white-wood theme is carried from the common areas into the open kitchen in a seamless visual flow. 

Meant to be the kids' room in the future, the couple decided to paint one entire wall in black chalkboard paint for doodling.

The bedroom was kept bare in order for the concrete brick wall to stand out.

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