Impressive to say the least, this industrial-style kitchen designed by Space Sense is both practical and stylish. What sets this space apart from other industrial home interior designs, however, is its ability blend contrasting materials to create an edgy yet inviting kitchen and dining area.

Although kitchen's floors are treated with concrete screed, the entire space is far from cold as it has white walls, wooden accents, and a contemporary black and white art work to help brighten it up.

Instead of using a singular shade of brown throughout the kitchen, use a variety of shades to add depth and interest to the design of kitchen and island cabinets.

The easiest way to prevent your gorgeous kitchen from looking like a showflat? Make good use of it! Bring lively colours in with the help of condiments, mittens, and other kitchen gadets. If that's not enough, mount a vibrant poster to put together a more styled appeal for the space!

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