This five-room HDB flat designed by Space Matters has just the right balance of nostalgic, rustic, and modern elements. Let's take a tour of this space to get a closer look of the details that managed to come together so charmingly.


The open-plan living area is grounded with greys, but uplifted with vibrant pops of pinks and reds at the same time.

The Dragnet Lounge Chair by Kenneth Cobonpue, juxtaposed with the Middle Eastern-inspired carpet and side table, create an interesting vignette by the windows.

A mishmash of industrial, contemporary, and retro aesthetics come together to form a laidback dining area. 

The walkway towards the more private areas of this flat is neatly colour zoned with a lovely coat of Tiffany blue. 

The calming robin egg blue shade for the walls continues on to the master bedroom, where the vintage-toned bedding adds to the room's nostalgic flair.

See the rest of this retro flat if you just can't get enough! 


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