It happens all the time. Somehow, along the way to your new home, your movers could accidentally damage some of your belongings, and a whole fuss begins about compensation and whatnot. Here’s how to ease the moving process, and some ways to prevent any such complications.

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You can choose between:

Packing your own items:
If you decide to pack your own items, it can be hard to determine if the breakage occurred due to your insufficient padding or the movers’ carelessness.

Paying the movers to pack for you:
On average, moving companies charge about $10 per box they pack on your behalf. Also, most movers are unwilling to commit to the amount of liability they may cover without a prior assessment of your items. So while there’s no guarantee that you’ll cover the cost of the broken item,  at least you will get some form of compensation.

Pack regular items yourself, but pay extra for the movers to pack your breakables. Asking them to pack fewer items means that you’ll be able to supervise the packing. In addition to that, you should always check to see if your movers are experienced in handling special items such as pianos and safes.


Check the fine print of your contract:
Different companies offer different compensation. One company, which charged very reasonably, told us it will compensate up to $200 for items broken during transit. Others may offer more compensation, but the amount is probably factored into their higher charges.

Get insurance:
If you have expensive items such as paintings or fragile vases, Shalom Movers and TSR Movers recommend that you take out extra insurance, subject to an assessment, which can be arranged via the movers. Again, check around to compare the amount of coverage before you commit. 

Original story found in Home & Decor, October 2013, by Stella Thng.