Children are naturally curious, and as they explore the home and the things in it, make sure you have these in place to keep them safe. 

(Design: Frame Interior)

1) Outlet covers: Block electrical sockets so kids won't be tempted to stick their fingers and toys in them. 

2) Corner Guards and edge protectors: Cushion sharp edges and corners, which are hazards to little ones running around, with these.

Prince Lionheart Cornerguard. Picture: Motherswork


3) Door Finger Cushions: These keep hands from being accidentally caught in slamming doors. 

Patrull fingerguard for doors. Picture: Ikea

4) Safety locks and latches: They keep cabinet doors, especially those with hazardous items, from being opened. 

5) Safety gates: Prevent toddlers from crawling up and down the stairs with safety gates, which will also demarcate the child's play rea. Install them on top and at the bottom of the staircase. 

Patrull safety gate from Ikea. Picture: Ikea